Academic Diaries- Year 1 – Post 4

Hey there.
What’s up guys?

Guys, I am just thinking that I should tell you every subject in a different post so that you can easily understand each subject and not get puzzled. Let’s get started then.

Firstly, I’ll tell you on subject surface ornamentation. It is an embroidery subject basically.


As I have discussed only basic stitches in my last post. After that, I learned applique work. What is the applique work? Applique work is a type of patchwork. In this, a small piece of fabric is sewn on the larger fabric. There are two types of applique. These are positive applique and negative applique. Positive applique and negative applique both have two types, one is finished edge and second is raw edge applique. In positive and negative applique there is one difference only. In positive applique small fabric is sewn on the top of the large fabric and in negative applique small fabric is sewn under the large fabric.

After the applique work, I learned about the quilt. In quilting, a layer of foam is stitched in between two layers of fabric. And then it gets stitched horizontally and vertically in a fine way. Our quilt is ready.

Smocking is one of my favorite embroideries.  For smocking, I’ll make another post so that I can explain the techniques which are used in smocking. For the moment we move forward.

Next, I learned about lacework. I learned about two types of lacework which were categorized in boundary lace and second is insertion lace. Boundary lace is that in which we sew lace on the boundaries of fabric and insertion lace is the lace in which lace is sewed in between for joining the two fabrics.


I’ll continue the embroideries in my coming posts.

Till then, bye. Have a nice day.

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